Life in Casco Antiguo

Living in the Casco Viejo is definitely a unique experience. Its atmosphere blends the authentic Caribbean life with stunning historical monuments, making it an invaluable treasure and a World Heritage.

Casco Viejo, also known as Casco Antiguo or San Felipe, was founded in 1673 being the heart of the city for almost 300 years. Today it is one of the most visited areas of Panama City both by tourists and Panamanians seeking an authentic atmosphere, try delicious restaurants, or enjoy a sunset walking through its alleys.

For its residents, Casco has all the necessary shops for their convenience. Restaurants, theaters, supermarkets, pharmacies, beauty salons and all under the charm of a historic city that now has the most modern shops. 


Where to eat, where to sleep, where to go...


  • American Trade Hotel

    From the renowned chain of Ace Hotels, the American Trade offers the perfect combination of History with a sophisticated and creative environment. During your visit don´t forget to enjoy a delicious cocktail in a vibrant entry.


  • Caffé Italia

    They provide the best appetizer and breakfast with the classical Italian style in their croissants and pastries.
    Telephone: 399-0890


An invaluable history (overview of corporate memory)

To better understand the unexpected history of this neighborhood we must go back to 1521, in which Panama City was founded as the first Spanish city on the Pacific coast. In 1671 the city was attacked and sacked by the pirate Henry Morgan, leaving only ruins and forcing its inhabitants to move to the southwest peninsula named San Felipe, which is today our beloved Casco Antiguo.

It is here, where for nearly 300 years, have been lived the most important events of Panamanian history since the Spanish occupation to our independence. And where we can admire the most important works in Panama embodied in its varied architecture. In the Casco Antiguo where we see colonial buildings, French, Afro-Caribbean, neoclassical architecture, and even some samples of art deco reason that earned its inclusion in the list of sites declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

The deterioration of buildings in San Felipe starts after the Panamanian elite began to move to new neighborhoods in fashion as they were Bella Vista and La Cresta in the 40s. it was accentuated in the 70s when housing laws are created , which intended to protect tenants the leases are frozen and makes it virtually impossible the eviction of buildings for restoration. This resulted in many cases, that the owners even abandoned the administration of the old houses, for the difficulty of maintenance..

Thus, since 1995 Inmobiliaria San Felipe has led the initiative to recover this valuable neighborhood, and turn the Casco Antiguo into the most visited cultural and tourist center of the city in the country and regional . Today recognized for its safety, architectural beauty and unique value.