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About Us


Compañia Inmobilaria San Felipe locates and acquires historically significant properties in the old quarter of Panama City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We painstakingly restore these buildings to their former glory while remaining faithful to the original architectural style. The properties are then rented or sold to caring guardians who will continue to protect and respect this priceless heritage.


Our objective is to develop properties through investment, leading to the overall restoration and increased value of Casco Antiguo. We abide by all guidelines set by the General Directorate of Heritage Sites to rehabilitate building projects in order to attract tourism and achieve optimum return on investment for our shareholders.

Our vision is for Casco Antiguo to be propelled to one of the most prominent historical and cultural destinations with a reputation for safety, unrivalled beauty and architectural significance.


With its beautiful narrow streets, pulsating energy and historical importance; Casco Viejo is one of Panama’s most cherished landmarks. This famed district helps travelers fall in love with our isthmian country and is a sign of pride for Panamanian people. Throughout its colorful history, Caso Antiguo has witnessed pirate attacks, civil unrest and fires, but is today emerging as a highly sought after location that all the world can call home.