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Inmobiliaria especializada en Casco Antiguo Panamá

About Us

Compañía Inmobiliaria San Felipe (CISF) stands as the trailblazing company in the restoration of real estate within the San Felipe neighborhood, more commonly recognized as Panama City’s Casco Antiguo. Established in 1995, CISF was founded by esteemed Panamanian entrepreneurs with deep connections to the financial, banking, and insurance sectors.

The founding partners shared a visionary goal – to rescue the Casco Antiguo from its state of abandonment and advanced deterioration. With dedication, CISF has been acquiring prime properties within the area, meticulously restoring them for sale or rent to individuals who appreciate the importance of preserving and safeguarding our cultural heritage, which also holds a place in the world’s heritage.

Noteworthy is the fact that our founding partners played a pivotal role in the creation of the 1997 law incentivizing investment in the Casco Antiguo. Furthermore, we initiated the process to have it recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Since our inception, CISF has sparked a transformative process for the Old Town, one that continues to this day, with the execution of projects by both the public sector and other developers. To date, we have successfully restored 27 historic buildings, and we are actively promoting the restoration of an additional 7 in a development plan situated at the entrance of the Old Town, aptly named the ‘Baluarte de San Felipe Master Plan.

Our Mission

Our objective is to contribute to the restoration and revitalization of the Old Town through our investments. 

We intend to adhere to the restoration guidelines set forth by the National Directorate of Cultural Heritage and the relevant legal regulations. 

Our commercial projects will be thoughtfully aligned with the character of the area, with a particular focus on those catering to tourist interests.


Our Vision

To elevate the Casco Antiguo into the foremost cultural and tourist hub of the city, renowned at both national and regional levels for its safety, architectural significance, and unmatched beauty.

Meet our team

Our projects owe their success to the exceptional management of our dedicated collaborators. The team has shown unwavering commitment and determination in turning our projects into a reality. The fact that most of our management team have been with the company for many years is a testament to their strong dedication and alignment with our mission and vision.

• Anabela Fábrega, Gerente General y directora

• Amabel de Vargas, Jefa Administrativa

• Arquitecta Mirja Moreno, Gerente de Proyectos.

• Doris Delgado, Ejecutiva de Ventas.

• Leydi Chong, Asistente de Ventas.

• Olmedo Morales, Asistente de la Administración de Proyectos y Administrador de Propiedades.

• Alexis Bolívar, Encargado del mantenimiento de las oficinas y de la mensajería.

• Olmedo Araúz, Encargado del mantenimiento de las propiedades y asistencia general.

Anabela Fábrega Gerente General

Anabela Fábrega 

General Manager

Amabel de Vargas

Amabel de Vargas

Administrative Manager

foto Mariaga

Mariaga Guardia

Asesora de Inversiones

Doris Delgado

Doris Delgado

Investment Advisor

Olmedo Morales

Olmedo Morales

Property Manager

Alexis Bolivar

Alexis Bolivar

Messaging Manager

Olmedo Araúz

Olmedo Araúz

General Assistant

Leydi Chong

Leydi Chong

Sales and Marketing Assistant

Arquitecta Mirja Moreno

Mirja Moreno

Project Manager

Ingeniero Harry León

Harry Leon

External Engineer

Arquitecto Daniel Young Torquemada

Daniel Young

External Architect


Gema Chicote

Marketing Consultant


It is also made up of CISF members who are governed by the principles, mission and vision set forth by the original Board of Directors.

  • Adolfo Linares – (Presidente 2012-2022, Director desde el 2004)

  • Anabela Fábrega – (Vicepresidente 2012-2022, Directora desde el 2007)

  • Michelle Soberon – (Secretaria 2012-2022, Directora desde 2003)

  • Fernando Morales – (Tesorero 2014-2022, Director desde 2010)

  • César Tribaldos – (Director desde 1999-2022, Presidente 2009-2012)

  • Mario Fábrega Arosemena – (Director 1995-2022)

  • Frederick Obediente – (Director 2014-2022, Tesorero 1995-2014)

  • José Manuel Jaén – (Director 2011-2022)

  • Ricardo Arango Arias – (Director 2012-2022)

  • Fernando Berguido (Presidente 1995 – 1997, Vicepresidente 1997-2004)

  • Ramón Arias (Vicepresidente 1995 – 2004, Presidente 1997 – 2004)

  • Luis Navarro Linares (Presidente del 2004 al 2009)

  • Jorge Sánchez (Director 1995 – 2005)

  • Ninoska de Castro q.e.p.d. (Directora 1995-2003)

  • Juan Raúl Humbert (Director 1998 a 2001)

  • Carlos García de Paredes (Director 2004-2010)

  • Víctor Vial (Director 2004 a 2006)

Compañía Inmobiliaria San Felipe tiene 87 accionistas y está registrada en la Superintendencia de Mercado de Valores de Panamá.

Otros socios accionistas han pertenecido a nuestra Junta Directiva durante estos 21 años de gestión, aportando con sus conocimientos y experiencia profesional al desarrollo y crecimiento de nuestra empresa. Su participación y gestión han sido importantes y merecedora de todo nuestro agradecimiento y reconocimiento.

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