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Embracing the Casco Antiguo Lifestyle: A Unique Way of Life

Posted by Leydi Chong on October 5, 2023

When we discuss lifestyles, we delve into a realm of customs, habits, tastes, and values that shape an individual’s daily practices. And what influences your lifestyle more profoundly than the environment in which you choose to reside? The place you call home or where you work often becomes a defining factor in your life, impacting your sense of self and overall happiness.

With over two decades of experience working, living, and enjoying vacations in Casco Antiguo, I’ve come to fully identify with the captivating lifestyle it offers. I recognize those individuals who seek and appreciate this unique way of life as soon as they step through my office door.

A typical Casco resident is often a knowledgeable person, possessing a deep appreciation for tradition, history, art, culture, and gastronomy. They exude sophistication but value diversity, seeking to reside in a place that cherishes its roots and fosters a multicultural community.

Our clients enjoy leisurely strolls along Casco’s romantic streets, pausing for a coffee, a glass of wine, or an evening of jazz at the plaza’s club. They live in more compact spaces, yet their apartments feel expansive, thanks to soaring double-height ceilings, charming balconies, and sturdy calicanto walls, proudly displaying prized works of art. They don’t mind the high-end cost, as it is an integral part of the richness of life in Casco. For transportation, they opt for compact cars, motorcycles, or public transit, reflecting their commitment to a simpler and more eco-conscious lifestyle.

These residents actively engage in community initiatives that promote art and culture in the neighborhood. They befriend people from various nationalities who call the area home, forging bonds over shared interests. Frequent gatherings occur at Casco’s original cafés, bars, and restaurants, all of which exude a cozy ambiance, allowing conversations to linger long into the evening.

My neighbors and friends in Casco are avid patrons of local businesses. They shop for unique gifts at the craft store on Avenida A, procure fine wine and cheese from the bodega on Calle José de Obaldía, and enthusiastically support any new venture that springs up in the neighborhood. They believe wholeheartedly in Casco’s potential as a cultural and tourist destination, viewing it as a matter of time before the historic district, with its unparalleled charm, continues to evolve into something even more captivating.

My clients, friends, and neighbors in Casco lead contented and enthusiastic lives. They’ve crafted an engaging lifestyle, seamlessly participating in activities that bring them joy—all while contributing to the ongoing transformation and enrichment of one of Latin America’s most architecturally and historically rich neighborhoods.

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