Life in Casco Antiguo

Living in Casco Viejo is a culturally unique experience. Its atmosphere is a blend of old and new with  beautiful narrow streets, endless viewpoints of the Bay of Panama and numerous attractions.

Casco Viejo, also known as Casco Antiguo or San Felipe, was founded in 1673 and was the heart of the city for almost 300 years. Today it´s the second most visited attraction in Panama City after the Panama Canal. It´s popular with noth tourists and Panamanians who are attracted by the wide selection of restaurants, rooftops, cobbled floors, delightful colonian balconies and charm.

For its residents, Casco offers immense convenience with shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, theaters, galleries and beauty salons, all within walking distance.

Where to eat, where to sleep, where to go...


  • Palettamerica

    They are Gourmet Palettes made by hand and with 100% natural ingredients; They focus their attention on every detail, using the highest quality raw material, combining them with the best recipes to create exclusive flavors and an experience from the first bite.
    Facebook: Palettamerica
    Contact: 389-8240 
    Instagram: @palettamerica



  • Ay! Mi Negra

    "Exotic Dessert Bar en Casco Viejo"
    Crepes - Ice Cream Rolls - Waffle Pop's

    Facebook: Ay Mi Negra
    Contact: 6674-1606
    Página web:
     instagram: @ayminegra

  • Benissimo Gelato & Caffé

    Benissimo Gelato & Caffè is an organization that is dedicated to the production and marketing of artisanal ice cream and coffee, meeting the expectations of our consumers and customers and growing steadily with a motivated human team with strong service-oriented ethical principles, generating jobs and projecting an image of solidity and responsibility.

    Facebook: Benissimo Gelato & Caffé
    Página web:
    Contacto: +507 387-0574
    Instagram: @benissimopanama





  • Granclement

    Over 15 years ago a French chef glacier relocated to Panama and created Granclement a French traditional ice cream. The array of diversity in colours, aroma, and fruits of this tropical land full of flavour inspired Granclement to create products who are the result of an infusion of both, the finery of traditional French ice cream and the exotic spirit of Panama’s tropical flavours.
    Facebook: Granclement - Gourment Ice cream and sorbets 
    Instagram: @granclement_icecream

  • La Michoacana PTY

    Ice Cream Shop with the most exotic and tasty flavors from all over Panama

    Facebook: La Michoacana PTY
    Contacto: 393-6717
    Instagram: @lamichoacanapty



  • American Trade Hotel

    The American Trade Hotel and Hall is a luxury boutique hotel, combining old world elegance, with modern and contemporary design. It is located in the most sought-after area of ​​Panama City: Casco Viejo, a neighborhood designated by UNESCO as a world heritage site; It offers the best tourist places, delicious gastronomy, nightlife, marriages, social and corporate events, all this combined with an authentic cultural experience.

    Facebook: American Trade Hotel
    Instagram: @amtradehotel


  • Central Hotel Panama

    Central Hotel Panama, is the hotel of choice for the most demanding and sophisticated travelers of Panama City, where the quality of its services and facilities, together with an exquisite culinary experience, will make your time in Panama become a special memory to never forget.

    Facebook: Central Hotel Panama
    Contact: 309-0300
    Instagram: @centralhotelpanama

  • Las Clementinas Hotel

    Located in a charming colonial building, this boutique hotel enchants its visitors with its particular design, green gardens and a dream roof. It also has a delicious restaurant that updates classic Panamanian dishes.

    Contact: 308-6550

    Instagram: @lasclementinas


  • Anita Villalaz Teather

    The Anita Villalaz Theater, is a place that is located in Panama City within the Republic of Panama, San Felipe District, Barrio del Casco Antiguo, Las Bóvedas, which belongs to the National Institute of Culture (INAC). Its current use is mainly for the representation of artistic and cultural activities, related to the performing arts

    Facebook: Teatro Anita Villalaz
    Instagram: #teatroanitavillalaz


  • Teatro Nacional

    It is one of the representative works of Panama built in 1904. If you do not know them you can schedule a tour of this majestic work or enjoy a fantastic work on the billboard.
    Contact: 262-3525
    Instagram: @teatronacionalpanama


  • Barrio Pizza

    All the elements that revolve around Neapolitan pizza have been the inspiration, the starting point to create Barrio and give it its unique style.

    Facebook: Barrio Pizza Panamá
    Contact: 393-4444
    Instagram: @barriopizza






  • Calicanto

    CalicantoTrattoria in Panama, offers you the best Italian cuisine, highlighting pizzas, lasagna and pasta, all handcrafted. With a cozy atmosphere in the center of Casco Antiguo, attended by its own owner where you can enjoy personalized and unique attention. In Trattoria you will feel in a real Italian bar, with a touch of informality and modern atmosphere, ideal to distract you and enjoy a good meal in Panama City.

    Facebook: Calicanto Panamá
    Página Web:
    Teléfono: 390-3385 / 390-3155
    Instagram: @calicantopty

  • Caliope

    Chef, Martino Pace, with experience in Italy, together with the Executive Chef of the Tantalo Pierre de Janon Group have combined their creativity and experience to provide a unique gastronomic adventure. Caliope offers a menu of New York City-style handmade cocktails with an eclectic wine list. Be one of the first to experience the Gastronomy that Caliope offers you, a restaurant destined to be one of the best gastronomic experiences in all of Central America.
    Facebook: Caliope
    Contact: 212-1565
    Instagram: @caliope_panama

  • Diablicos Restaurant

    Walking through its centuries-old stone streets on Central Avenue you can find the typical Panamanian food in the Diablicos Restaurant, with a huge image of the popular character that becomes the host, offers live Panamanian folk shows that vary in each presentation, which you can enjoy next to a delicious meal.

    Facebook: Restaurante Diablicos - Casco Viejo
    Contact: 228-9495
    Instagram: @diablicos


  • Donde José

    Panama stories are told, telling their essence and our way of being. They are inspired by Panamanian popular cuisine, trying to rescue traditions and ingredients; They work with the local product, with the endemic, innovating in each dish and each menu, contributing to the definition of the Panamanian identity.

    Facebook: Donde José
    Contact: 262-1682
    Instagram: @dondejose

  • Grapes Restaurant

    Located in one of Panama's most historic and elegant buildings in the heart of Casco Viejo, Grapes Restaurant & Bar delights the most demanding guests with its elegant atmosphere and international cuisine. Located a few steps from the Presidential Palace, this award-winning restaurant has the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence.
    Facebook: Grapes Restaurant & Bar
    Contacto: 212-1882
    Instagram: @grapespanama

  • Mostaza Restaurant

    Mostaza Restaurant is an excellent option for a formal dinner in Casco Antiguo, Enjoy an excellent atmosphere in front of the historic Arco Chato.
    Facebook: Restaurante Mostaza
    Contact: 228-3341/ 228-8775
    Instagram: @cascomostaza


  • Café Dodo

    Dodó is a cozy café with a French style that offers a relaxing atmosphere, light and healthy food with vegan and vegetarian options.

    Facebook: Dodó Bon Pan Café
    Contacto: 398-3652
    Instagram: @dodobonpancafe


  • Casa Boquete

    Casa Boquete, now in the Old Town, brings you the best of the natural and handmade products of the Chiricanas mountains.
    In Casa Boquete you can find the best varieties of coffee, the traditional Boqueteños desserts: Strawberries with Cream, Strawberry Dough, Jellies and Jams. Also the best variety of Boquete producers and entrepreneurs, who find Casa Boquete's showcase.

    Facebook: Casa Boquete
    Contact: 203-1747
    Instagram: @casa_boquete


  • Super Gourmet

    A nine year landmark in Casco Viejo offering fresh prepared deli foods for all budgets. Super Gourmet offers select gourmet products from around the world and home of Caribbean Chocolate Company: a wide selection of meats, cheeses, fresh fruits and vegetables, wines and liquors, desserts, snacks, organic cacao and chocolate, coconut oils and more
    Facebook: Super Gourmet, Casco Viejo
    Contact: .212-3487
    Instagram: @supergpty



  • Casa Casco Rooftop

    A fantastic panoramic view awaits you to enjoy the high cocktail bar to the rhythm of the best DJs in the city, with a chillout and cosmopolitan style decorated with the city, the sea, the mountains and the Old Town in the background to enjoy relaxing moments and fun. On the Terrace of CacaCasco they wait for you to live evenings and nights all over the place.

    Facebook: Casa Casco
    Contact: 62889024
    Instagram: @casacasco



  • Pedro Mandinga Rum

    We are the first artisan distillery in Panama. Our brand is inspired by Pedro Mandinga, a Panamanian cimarron, sociable, charismatic and with character. Our rums are distilled from scraping, cane cut by hand in a small farm in Chiriquí. We are lovers of good rum and Panama. In 2014 we decided to turn our passion into our life and we started building the distillery. Now you can enjoy Pedro Mandinga rums at our Rum Bar in Casco Viejo or you can contact us for a tour of the distillery.
    Facebook: Pedro Mandinga Rum
    contacto: 391-5596
    Instagram: @pedromandinga





  • Red Lion
    GastroPub Exclusive city, international cuisine (highly qualified chef team)
    Facebook: Red Lion Panama Pub
    Contact: 303-9923
    Instagram: @redlionpma

Fundaciones culturales

  • Fundación Danilo Perez

    The Danilo Pérez Foundation was established in 2005 in Panama City, Republic of Panama, but the work and spirit that personifies its mission have its origins more than 50 years ago when Danilo Pérez Urriola, father of the Panamanian pianist of the same name, He developed music education programs in Colon, Panama with young people at risk. In 1967 Danilo Perez Urriola writes a thesis for the University of Panama on music in the integral development of the individual and how music should be included as a pedagogical tool to teach all the subjects of schools.
    Facebook: Fundación Danilo Pérez
    Contact: 211-0272
    Instagram: @fundaciondaniloperez


  • Lumaca Coffee and Hangertips Store

    Creative and fun brand of coffeeshop and modern souvenirs for travelers who appreciate culture

    Facebook: Lumaca Coffee and Shop       
    Contact: 387-3063
    Instagram: @lumacapanama









  • No me Olvides

    Gift stop and they are also the home of Alberto's Authentic Guayabera Panabrisa
    Facebook: No me olvides Panamá
    contact: 211-1209
    Instagram: @nomeolvidespanama

  • Portomar


    Premium line of beachwear for men.
    Instagram: @portomarpanama
    Contacto: 390-1366

    Premium line of beachwear for men.



  • Weil Art Gallery

    Its founder, Carlos Weil, shows the beautiful Panamanian talent in his gallery. You can also acquire different pieces of art and reminders that capture that essence.
    Facebook: Wil Art
    Contact: 264-9697
    Instagram: @weil_art



An invaluable history (overview of corporate memory)

To better understand the unexpected history of this neighborhood we must go back to 1521, in which Panama City was founded as the first Spanish city on the Pacific coast. In 1671 the city was attacked and sacked by the pirate Henry Morgan, leaving only ruins and forcing its inhabitants to move to the southwest peninsula named San Felipe, which is today our beloved Casco Antiguo.

It is here, where for nearly 300 years, have been lived the most important events of Panamanian history since the Spanish occupation to our independence. And where we can admire the most important works in Panama embodied in its varied architecture. In the Casco Antiguo where we see colonial buildings, French, Afro-Caribbean, neoclassical architecture, and even some samples of art deco reason that earned its inclusion in the list of sites declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

The deterioration of buildings in San Felipe starts after the Panamanian elite began to move to new neighborhoods in fashion as they were Bella Vista and La Cresta in the 40s. it was accentuated in the 70s when housing laws are created , which intended to protect tenants the leases are frozen and makes it virtually impossible the eviction of buildings for restoration. This resulted in many cases, that the owners even abandoned the administration of the old houses, for the difficulty of maintenance..

Thus, since 1995 Inmobiliaria San Felipe has led the initiative to recover this valuable neighborhood, and turn the Casco Antiguo into the most visited cultural and tourist center of the city in the country and regional . Today recognized for its safety, architectural beauty and unique value.