To discuss our projects is to dive into our company’s rich history, encapsulating all our dedication and embodying our mission and vision. Presently, we are actively advancing the ‘Baluarte de San Felipe Master Plan,’ a comprehensive endeavor aimed at revitalizing seven historic buildings situated at the entrance of the Casco Antiguo. These buildings are strategically positioned alongside a section of the city wall and the Baluarte de Barlovento, offering a prime location at the Casco’s entrance. They enjoy a privileged setting overlooking the Quinto Centenario Park, providing captivating vistas of the city and the Bay of Panama.
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Cordovez Project

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Experience Living History in the Heart of the City

The Cordovez de León House is situated along one of the three famous “bajadas,” or sloping streets, that connected the Santa Ana neighborhood to San Felipe and ultimately to the sea. These pathways served as vital routes for the bustling flow of people.

These three “bajadas” were known as “Bajada de Jaén,” “Bajada de Ñopo,” and “Salsipuedes,” all leading to the well-known “Playa del Gallinero.” Later, with its fiscal dock, this beach became a departure point for boats and schooners, facilitating travel to other parts of the country.

Soná Alley Project

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Bajada de Jaén and Avenida Eloy Alfaro, Casco Antiguo Panamá

The Callejón del Soná project is a vital component of the Baluarte de San Felipe Master Plan, a visionary initiative by Compañía Inmobiliaria San Felipe aimed at the restoration of seven historic buildings at the entrance of the Old Town.


These buildings are nestled within the historic colonial wall and the Baluarte de Barlovento, creating a unique blend of past and present.

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Plazuela De Alfaro Project

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Nuevo icono arquitectónico del Casco Antiguo de Panamá

The Plazuela de Alfaro project is set to become a new architectural icon in Panama’s Old Town. It is a key component of the Baluarte de San Felipe Master Plan, promoted by our company. This project involves the restoration of seven historic buildings strategically positioned at Casco Antiguo’s entrance, located among the remnants of the old colonial wall and the Baluarte de Barlovento.

The building’s design boasts a contemporary style, adding an element of simplicity and elegance that complements the historic colonial structures in its vicinity. It adheres closely to international guidelines governing the design of contemporary buildings situated within historic centers.

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